Dolby Vision in Filmmaker Mode soon?

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Dolby Vision in Filmmaker Mode soon?

Will LG OLED TVs' Filmmaker mode get an HDR upgrade?

The so-called Filmmaker mode allows viewers to watch movies the way the directors intended. However, it cannot be used to play Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range content. This is set to change soon.

Filmmaker Mode in LG OLED TVs is currently limited to content in SDR and HDR10. However, the UHD Alliance is currently working with TV manufacturers to introduce Filmmaker Mode for Dolby Vision as well.

The news was shared by Michael Zink, president and chairman of the UHD Alliance, which developed Filmmaker mode in partnership with Hollywood, at a briefing where LG unveiled its 2023 TV models, TechRadar reports.

Unfortunately, the 2023 models will continue to offer Filmmaker Mode only for SDR and HDR10 content, although the extension of Filmmaker Mode to Dolby Vision content was approved back in late 2022. In all probability, however, it will only be available in the 2024 models.

Filmmaker mode was introduced in 2019. When Filmmaker Mode is enabled on an LG TV, it disables motion smoothing and other picture enhancements and adheres to picture standards to ensure accurate color and luminance. This is a basic requirement for every colorist, because only in this way can he objectively assess the picture.

So far, no further details about the Filmmaker Mode for Dolby Vision have been announced. However, the news was announced at an LG event, leading us to suspect that LG will be one of the first brands to support this mode in 2024.

According to the UHD Alliance, there should also be automatic switching so that Filmmaker Mode can adapt even better to different types and environments.

Let's hope that the Filmmaker Mode will come as soon as possible, it's about time!


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