It took a little while, but now it's official! We are so excited to finally present the first presence workshop for filmmakers!

In February 2023 we will host the first two-day hands-on workshop with a really big company as partner in Leipzig.

The workshop has a lot to offer in terms of content. In addition to not everyday professional light setups, high quality cine cameras and optics will be available, which are usually only rented. And the best: All participants are allowed to do it themselves! We will set up various larger and smaller light setups together, make recordings with you and then evaluate and compare them with each other. We will show you what to consider when shooting HDR productions and how much the shots of the cameras really differ. All attendees are welcome to bring their own cameras and shoot as well to compare with the results from the Top Cine cameras. We will show you techniques on how to get the best out of each camera and what really matters for good shots. And we'll also cover framing.

We will publish the exact contents of the workshop with all further information and details on our channels in the next days.

Interested parties can apply now and be put on the list of candidates, because the number of participants is very limited! Just send an email to

The exact date and the final price will of course be announced in the next few days.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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