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AI Crashcourse

Class is in german!

06/19/2023 - 06/21/2023

Duration: 2 days

Scope: 2 live sessions (Mon, Wed)

The sessions will be recorded.

What's the matter?

AI is not only hype and very controversial, it is even changing areas that are not even digitized. The landscape of AI applications has grown considerably in the meantime. Added to this is the enormous flood of information. Especially in social media, a lot of noise is generated. Everyone who can use ChatGPT and the like believes they have a clue about AI, and it is not uncommon to encounter self-proclaimed AI gurus.

If you want to separate the wheat from the chaff and learn more about AI with a focus on applications for filmmakers, this crash course is just right for you.

What you learn in the course

This course covers some important basics for a better understanding of Ai solutions. We introduce tools and use cases for filmmakers, go into specifics and backgrounds and show examples.

After the crash course you will have an overview of the most important tools and trends and will be able to use tools for your workflow on your own.

Live Sessions

All live sessions are recorded and are available to all course participants for a further 6 months in the backend of Filmentor. In this way, all participants can watch the sessions again in peace.

And if you miss one or all sessions, you can also view the recordings online at any time for 6 months.

In addition, each participant gets access to the Discord server from Filmentor and can ask unlimited questions there at any time. Of course, we are also happy to help after the course! And: You will automatically become part of the community!


If you look at a recorded course, you have no or only very limited opportunities to ask questions. But especially with a complex topic like HDR, there are always many questions that inevitably arise when watching a recorded course. In the live sessions you can ask exactly these questions, and we will answer these questions live! This advantage is only available with our live courses!

The dates for the LIVE sessions

06/19 (Mon - 18:00 to 20:00)

06/21 (Wed - 18:00 to 20:00)

      What you get additionally

      In addition to a certificate, each participant receives unlimited access to our Discord Server , on which you can exchange ideas and help each other beyond the course. If you have any questions or problems relating to DaVinci Resolve, HDR, color grading and color management, Tim, Daniel and Johannes will be happy to help you on Discord. In addition, all other relevant topics related to the central topic "making films" can be discussed and discussed, from the choice of camera, the settings, light and much more!

      Important NOTE!

      With the purchase of this course you acquire a place for this course. The number of participants is limited. After the purchase, the transaction is binding and final. If you do not take part in the course afterwards, the service is still considered to have been provided, and a refund is excluded in this case.

      We are happy about our Guest Lector!