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FPE Mix is ​​a DCTL for mixing Printer Channels into a Six Vector for quickly creating Film Print Look emulations in DaVinci Resolve.

FPE Mix is ​​for ACES as well as all LOG formats, Rec709.G24 and HDR!

The abbreviation FPE stands for Film Print Emulation, very often also called PFE (Print Film Emulation).

Film Print Mix works with a Six Vector , so very fine individual settings for the six colors cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green and blue are possible. In addition, skin tones and vibrance can be fine-tuned separately. This gives you all the tools you need to emulate film print looks. So FPE Mix is ​​an emulator.

And best of all: FPE Mix works very well with Color Mix , both tools are coordinated with each other. FPE Mix should definitely be used after Color Mix.


Film Print Emulation (FPE), also known as Print Film Emulation (PFE), emulates how your image will look when printed on copy film. It emulates the density and color behavior of a print film.

Special film emulations are based on a specific material or film stock (e.g. Kodak Vision3 200T color negative film 7213). An exact FPE LUT created for this purpose can therefore give a preview of what the result will look like after printing for this exact film stock. The goal of an exact FPE for a special stock is to emulate exactly this in its behavior or appearance after the print process.

A FPE Lut (or PFE Lut) used to have the job of emulating the actual film print. Today, special films are emulated in numerous plug-ins, almost always with the help of LUTs. These contain information about contrast and colors and using them is always a creative choice these days. In such plug-ins you can almost always choose between several "film looks". However, color density is almost always not included. This is where Film Print Mix comes into play.


Film Print Mix takes a different approach. No explicit stocks are emulated in Film Print Mix. Film Print Mix was developed to emulate an individual and flexible film print look and is therefore ideal for creating creative film print looks. This means that no specific material is emulated, instead you can create your own Film Print Emulations effect. Film Print Mix is ​​not intended to emulate an exact preview of an actual print of a specific material as a preview, but rather provides the ability to add a custom film print effect to a look.


With Film Print Mix, very fine adjustments can be made using six vectors. Alternatively, you can also create a global FPE with the top slider.

It is possible to create 2 FPE simultaneously, globally and individually using the 6 vector sliders. If you switch off the Global FPE via the checkbox, the FPE of the six vectors is displayed.

If the global FPE is activated (checkbox is set), it "overwrites" the individual settings. The skin tones and the vibrance are not "overwritten" by the global FPE, so they are still active.

Using individual emulation With the six vectors you can create very creative film print emulations very quickly. Below the six vectors are the settings for the skintone range and for the vibrance. With this you can add a little more vibrance to the image, or take it back a little more.

The skin tones can also be customized.


Below are a few examples.

Without FILM PRINT MIX FPE Without FILM PRINT MIX | Source: Artgrid.io

With FILM PRINT MIX FPE With FILM PRINT MIX Global | Source: Artgrid.io

Film Print Emulation - individual With FILM PRINT MIX Individual | Source: Artgrid.io

Without FPE MIX Without FILM PRINT MIX | Source: Artgrid.io

With individual 6 vector FPE With 6 vector FILM PRINT MIX emulation | Source: Artgrid.io

Without FILM PRINT MIX Without FILM PRINT MIX | Source: Artgrid.io

With Global FPE With FILM PRINT MIX - Global FPE | Source: Artgrid.io

With Six Vector FPE With FILM PRINT MIX - individual 6 vector FPE | Source: Artgrid.io

You can find a Color Mix DCTL demo version here .

Important NOTE!

The Film Print Mix DCTL does not contain any LUTs, nor were any LUTs used to create it. All functions are mathematical. Film Print Mix was developed by Filmentor and tested by colorists, directors and DoP's.