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HUE Mix is a DCTL for shifting primary and secondary colors in a Six Vector for color correction and for look development in DaVinci Resolve. 

Hue Mix is suitable for ACES as well as all LOG formats, Rec709.G24 and HDR!

Hue is the term used to describe the color tone. In Hue Mix, the primary colors Red, Green and Blue as well as the secondary colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow can be shifted.


In a color wheel, we see the three primary colors red, green and blue and the secondary colors magenta, cyan and yellow. Similar colors are located next to each other. With the DCTL Hue Mix, you can switch from one of the 6 primary colors to its neighboring colors. Each of the 6 colors corresponds to a vector in Hue Mix. The transitions to each other are smoother and finer than in the native tools of DaVinci Resolve.


In addition, the skin tones can be adjusted very easily and finally a Hue Chart can be displayed for control purposes. By means of the Hue Chart it can be determined very quickly whether the settings made lead to bandings or artifacts. 


Hue Mix works with a six vector, so very fine individual settings (shifts) are possible for the six colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue. In addition, the Skin Tones area can be very finely shifted separately. The correction and adjustment of skin tones is thus once again separately supported and facilitated, the accuracy and graduation of Hue Mix is very fine..

Hue Mix combines very well with Color Mix and FPE Mix. The Hue Shifts that are possible in Hue Mix differ from those of the native tools of DaVinci Resolve. In the color curves, for example, very fine and precise Hue Shifts are hardly possible, the graduation is too coarse. There is also no separate area in the color curves for adjusting the skin tones.  


The Hue Mix DCTL includes a Hue Chart. For quality check (QC) this can be switched on and displayed directly in the viewer of DaVinci Resolve for control purposes.


In the Hue Chart bandings are visible, see the upper image. In comparison, no bandings and artifacts are visible in the lower Hue chart.



The comparison between Hue Mix and the Hue vs Hue Curve shows the differences.

 Source Image 

Source Image changed with Hue vs Hue Curves

Source Image changed with Hue Mix


The source image (see above) was changed once with the color curves (upper Hue Chart) and then the same change was done only with Hue Mix (lower Hue Chart). The two Hue Chart images show the comparison and difference for the change made (see arrows). Below you can see the comparison of the corresponding Vectorscopes.

Important Note!

The Hue Mix DCTL does not contain LUTs and no LUTs were used to create it. All functions are mathematical. Hue Mix was developed by Filmentor.

Hue Mix is a digital product, so a "return" and associated refund is excluded. If you have any problems, please contact us by email.