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Vibrance Mix is a DCTL for changing the vibrance of primary and secondary colors in a Six Vector for Look development in DaVinci Resolve.

The demo version is fully functional but contains a watermark.

Vibrance Mix is suitable for ACES, DWG as well as all LOG formats, Rec709.G24 and HDR!

Vibrance, also called Color Vibrance, refers to the vividness of colors. Vibrance Mix allows you to change color settings in a bundle without having to adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast or gamma individually. Vibrance Mix provides better and more flexible fine-tuning of color values than, for example, Color Boost in DaVinci Resolve.

A detailed description about the Vibrance Mix DCTL tool is included in the full version


The Vibrance Mix DCTL does not contain LUTs and no LUTs were used to create it. All functions are mathematical. Vibrance Mix was developed by Filmentor.

Vibrance Mix is a digital product, so if you buy it a "return" and associated refund is excluded. If you have any problems, please contact us by email.